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up(etwas höher)UMass Amherst
über mich
el camino - spanien 2005
UMass Amherst
facts about amherst


nightly impressions of a dead campus

Now that the school year is over, the campus is really dead - nobody left! As I haven't managed to do it so far, I spontaneously decided to take a walk across campus this evening and take some pictures, see yourself...

your line to umass police
no comment ;)
haigis mall
fine arts center
lights at the fine arts entrance
chapel & lib across the pond
some ducks
a space ship? campus center hotel
on the way to elab
the campus is not quite dead
student union
our very own police department
let's play soccer
southwest is dead
prince - beloved home of international students
shoes & moon


the world best pizza - better than antonios!

There were already some cooking events at other peoples place, but so far I always missed out on it.


As I finished up all my things today and my final independent study presentation was just a blast, we decided to compete with the presumably world best pizza today by making pizza at my place. Having Mario - a kind of real italian dude - as a chef, of course not so many things could go wrong - apart from the parchment paper we managed to burn. But the pizza was really good, quality and quantity. We had that much dough, that we actually started making experiments at the end and created our very own calzone - so good!

my living room
first griddle
the chef is preparing the dough
gotcha - oli taking pictures
thank you mario
parchment paper is inflammable!


the fabulous international class of 2007

As it was such a good time, we of course had to do a decent photo shooting before everybody went off. Unfortunately the weather was not so nice, but we still got some nice pictures...


beer tasting at paper city brewery and afterparty

As I already missed out on this last semester due to my final exam schedule, I decided to go for it this semester.


As I had the final project presentation for one of my classes earlier this week and my one final exam yesterday, there is just the report and presentation for my independent study left at the moment. So of course a reason to celebrate a little bit. On friday evening a few crazy people from UMOC met up and went down to the paper city brewery for a fine taste of beer. Paper city brewery is actually one of the bigger breweries in the area. Many pubs here brew their own beer and paper city once started as a hobby as well, but is now supplying quite a few pubs around massachusetts. So on friday evenings they offer a beer "tasting" for just $6. However the "tasting" actually means all you can drink within the two hours. Additionally to this, you get a free six pack on the way out. So it's is quite a good deal for the designated drivers as well. We had some nice beer, a little tour through the brewery and of course lots of fun.


After we got back to amherst and a little stop over at antonios, we went to a little undergrad dorm party of one of the umoc members. The main attraction at this party was a nice pair of shades we discovered somewhere in the room at some time during the evening. After all a really nice evening.


mario & oli
faith & whitney
eric & hosanna
john without a face ;)
the dark king is with us
are these guys irish? I don't think so!
andy & john
miling, whitney & myself
hosanna & eric queuing for the toilet
john & faith
no beer ;)
faith & andy
oli &amp myself had to go to the toilet at some time as well
john & andy enjoying the wonderful beer
hosanna & whitney having fun
somebody did not like all of his/her beer
the toilet was not enough
the way back, everybody carrying his six pack
ordering hot cheese up front at antonios
suzanna & oli having fun with strange shades
katie & hosanna
john "devastated"
one nice dorm room
milind & eliott
hosanna (acting as) a clown
birthday cake
oli, suzanna, whitney & hosanna
suzanna & whitney
I'm on a picture, wow!
same couch, different people: john, oli, elliott & hosanna
whitney & faith
oli is enjoying the evening


bonfire, night hike and sailing

Although I am pretty busy with work at the moment, I could not leave this opportunity out - sailing!


So Ryan, a friend from the outing club, just bought a little sailing boat and asked around for help, to get it to his mothers place and rig it. As it is a little further away he offered that the people could stay at a cabin he owns which is not as far away as Amherst. So actually a few more people jumped in. Not for the sailing, but the cabin, planning to do some hikes and canoeing around the area. Ryan and some others already went to pick up the boat at noon on Friday. As I still had some things to do on campus, I could not join, but went with all the other people right to the cabin later that afternoon. After a nice one hour drive through the Berkshires we got to the cabin. As it was already getting dark, some people immediately started to set up their tents, others collected firewood and soon afterwards we lit the bonfire. After eating something and having a few beer, a small group of people decided to go for a night hike to a nearby fire tower just after midnight. Although I wouldn't really call walking for maybe ten minutes a hike, it was quite nice, although cold on top of the tower.


On Saturday morning Elliott and me joined Ryan and James to go back and work on the boat. As it is already some years old (something around 30) and wasn't used for some time, of course there were some things to be fixed before rigging the boat. Ryan and me put some nice effort into making one rudder out of two half ones. James fixed some things on the mast and Elliott cleaned everything out. After some hours the boat looked like new and everything was ready for a first run. So off we went to Lake Pontusac, shortly afterwards the boat was in the water and we made our way onto the lake. As it was already later in the afternoon there was hardly anybody left on the water, the sun was shining and after some time we had the best wind for sailing - absolutely incredible. So we went from one side of the lake to the other side and again and again until the sun set. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures - it was to exciting ;).

setting up the camp
the fire
outdoor bowling
on the hike
on the top of the tower
sage presenting: will
whitney & will
which way do we go
loosing balance
the boat - the only picture I took